Here Are Why Some Businesses Are Winning

Almost all companies in the world are relying on customer feedback to improve their service, profits and as well as their reputation. If you were to read a book on how to handle a business, you would read between pages of the many marketing strategies, quality-maintenance tips, universal laws of business and step by step how to increase the earnings more than the capital. While these are effective things to do, the process does not really evolve on just you — the owner, and the business. An important factor to prioritize in business management is the feedback of your customers.

Why The Customers, Sir?

They are paying for your service. Simply put, it means that they trust you — and trust is earned, not freely given. And to put yourself in their shoes, don’t you want to get the quality and quantity of what you paid for? Yes, you do. If your business made a bad service experience to a customer, their customer feedback most likely will not reach you if you don’t have an immediate resolution or a communication platform. According to White House Office of Consumer Affairs, they will tell 9 to 15 people (some even 20) about their disappointment — and you don’t want that.

Do you ever think or wonder why competing businesses always have a company in their circle that they can’t seem to beat? That is because companies who care about their customers engage in feedback tracking, that’s why they’re the cream of the crop, that’s why they’re winning. With this, they can know what their customers are thinking about them, hence they’re improving day by day. Feedbacks may be in forms of hands-on paper surveys, online surveys, social media commentaries and feedback platforms like Userback that you can connect with third-party apps like Slack and WordPress. In that way, customers can choose to be identified or discreet in sharing their feedback and thoughts. Visit at Userback

Reasons Why Your Customers Should Have A Say

Customer feedback should be given importance because of these reasons:

  1. It gives you ideas on what areas to improve – if a customer tells you a job well done, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to improve anymore. Aim for perfection, it is a matter of practice and accepting compliments and criticisms.
  1. It helps you resolve complaints – been served a meal that’s too salty? Is the hotel room disorganized? Received the wrong order? These are normal complaints customers make, and you need feedback management to hear or read about them to provide an actionable resolution.
  1. It makes or breaks your brand name – if you’re not paying attention to the visual feedback your customers share, they will be discouraged in purchasing from you again. If that happens, the downfall of your business will start.

Communication Is The Key

In order to make a rapport between you and your customers, communication is the key. If you’re looking for a feedback platform with details, project history and commentaries of your business, you can check out this link: